Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is SupportLocal.Coffee?

SupportLocal.Coffee is a website dedicated to helping true coffee lovers find the small independent shops and coffeehouses. No large national (or even local) chain coffee shops will be listed.

SupportLocal.Coffee not only helps coffee lovers find new shops but also track which shops they have visited and which are their favorites . If you have ever wanted to journey around and find the best local coffee wherever you find yourself SupportLocal.Coffee is the site for you!

Who is behind LCR?

Jason Presley, the owner of Brew Haha Coffeehouse in Overland Park, KS, has been a web developer and technical instructor for over 25 years. Loving both coffee and technology he decided to combine his passions and create SupportLocal.Coffee. After getting tired of only finding national chains listed at the top of Google when searching for coffee he decided to make a site dedicated to the small coffee shops which he and his wife love to visit and to the shops that they don’t yet even know about!

Do you or will you sell my information if I register?

That is a VERY definite and emphatic NO We use registrations only to allow you to track your own journey as you visit different coffee shops. We will peek in time and again to see where people are from that are using this site but that is just for our own curiosity!

Do you track any of my information on your site?

We use Google Analytics that shows us anonymous information about user behavior on our site to help us streamline the site and understand how people are finding the site online. All of that data is aggregated together and is not identifiable to any one person.

Outside of Google analytics the only other information that we collect is what you specifically provide to us through registration and coffee shop visits and favorites.

If the site is truly free for shop owners and users how does it generate money?

Currently, it doesn’t. This site truly is dedicated to the love of good coffee and small coffee shops (it may also be my way to thumb my nose are the big guys )!

Eventually, we hope to offer SupportLocal.Coffee merchandise for sale that will help offset the hosting costs but it is our hope that this site will stay free for both the coffee shops and coffee lovers alike!